ABATE Motorcycle Legislative History


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Legislative History


Legislative Session 2016

Legislative Session 2015

Motorcycle only checkpoints- House Bill 917 – Passed
Sponsored by Delegate Ben Kramer passed the General Assembly and is now waiting for the Governor’s signature to become law. This bill, effective Oct 1, will make motorcycle only checkpoints illegal in Maryland.

Speeding fines – Withdrawn by Sponsor
A bill to double the fines for exceeding the speed limit by more than 40MPH which applied to ONLY motorcycles was withdrawn by the sponsor after several weeks of negotiations by ABATE representatives.

Create a motorcycle EMT unit in Prince George’s County – Withdrawn by Sponsor
While we did not request this bill ABATE supported this bill with testimony. The bill was withdrawn by the sponsor because they said it was too costly. We disagree and will work to see this bill brought up again next year.

Legislative Session 2014

The bill to stop motorcycle only checkpoints, while not passed, gained momentum

Legislative Session 2013

Handicapped tags for motorcycles- This successful 2nd attempt at this law permits up to 2 handicapped tags on motorcycles in addition to one on a car when the rider meets the requirements for handicapped tags. Until this law a person was only allowed one “hard” tag and a placard for the disabled.

Legislative Session 2012

Tire Age Notification – Did not pass
Motorcycle Only Checkpoint Prohibition – Did not pass
Handicapped Tags-Extra tag for Motorcycle-Passed House – No action Senate
Motorcycle Learners Permit-Extend Expiration Date – No action
Motorcycle Helmet Law Modification-Insurance Requirement – No action

Legislative Session 2011

Motorcycle Parking at Publicly Funded Parking Facilities – Passed
Introduced by former rider Delegate Cheryl Glenn of Baltimore City, passed on the first try. This bill made it illegal for any parking facility that uses or benefits from any type of public funding to deny access to motorcycles.
Motorcycle Helmet Use-Fine-Did not pass

Legislative Session 2010

Auxiliary Lighting Clarification – Passed
This bill was required because 1 police officer wrote citations for auxiliary lighting which met the specifications in the original bill because the bill did not specifically state that this lighting could “be used”
Motorcycle Dealers Sunday Operations Anne Arundel County – Passed
Helmet Law Modification – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2009

Motorcycle at Red Light – Did not pass
Motorcycle Dealers Sunday Operations Worcester County – Passed
Helmet Law Modification – Did not-pass
Helmet Law Modification Sunset Clause – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2008

Auxiliary lighting – Passed
This bill, which passed in the first attempt, allowed certain accent lighting on motorcycles to increase nighttime visibility, was well received, and ABATE was commended for bringing the safety aspects of this issue to the General assembly
Motorcycle tag sizing – Passed
Motorcycle tag size standardization- Until this bill passed Maryland was one of only 3 states which did not have the standard sized motorcycle tag. Ours was oversized and did not fit stock brackets on motorcycles. This bill reduced the size of our tags to come in line with 47 other states.
Definition of a Motorcycle – Passed
Legal Definition of a motorcycle- this bill officially changed the definition to allow motorcycles with two
wheels on the front to accommodate the new style that was developed.
Helmet Law Modification – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2007

Right of Way Violation Penalties-After several years of trying, and the death of then State Director Marty Schultz by a right of way violator, the bill to increase penalties for right of way violations to $1,000 and 180 day loss of license was passed and enacted. ABATE is constantly working to improve and enhance this bill.
Helmet Law – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2006

Helmet Law – Did not pass
Right-of-Way Violation Penalties – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2005

Helmet Law – Did not pass
Right-of-Way Violation Penalties – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2004

Helmet Law – Did not pass
Right-of-Way Violation Penalties – Did not pass
Mandatory Motorcycle Safety Program – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2003

Helmet Law – Did not pass
Right-of-Way Violation Penalties – Did not pass

Legislative Session 2002

Helmet Law – Did not pass
Veteran License Plates – Passed
Equal Access to Public Facilities – No Action
Agriculture License Plates – Passed

Legislative Session 2001

Helmet Law – Did not pass
Equal Access to Public Facilities – No Action
Bill to Prohibit Children as Passengers on Motorcycles – Unfavorable Report
Mandatory Motorcycle Safety Program – Withdrawn by Sponsor
Miss Information from Governors Office to Influence the Helmet Law History From 1992
Maryland Motorcycle Accident/Fatality Information (October, 2000)
Goldstein Study – The Effect of Motorcycle Helmet Use on the Probability of Fatality and the Severity of Head And Neck Injuries

Legislative Session 2000

Helmet Law – Did not pass
Letter to MTA regarding MTAG (electronic toll collection)(January 12, 2000)
MTAG Notice to all Motorcyclists (September, 1999) The quality of the scanned image is not good and the flyer can be difficult to read. If you would like a copy sent to you from MTA call 1-888-321-MTAG and ask for the ‘Notice To All Motorcyclists’.

Legislative Session 1999

Helmet Law – Did not pass – Senate Bill 239
This bill provides that motorcycle helmet laws apply only to minors. Current law requires anyone riding or operating a motorcycle to wear a helmet.
ABATE Testimony (February, 1999)
NHTSA Testimony (February, 1999)
DOT Inspector General Findings of NHTSA Testimony (June, 1999)
NHTSA July Legislative Update (July, 1999)
GEICO Testimony – GEICO Wants Your Rights (February, 1999)
GEICO provided written testimony for the SB 239 committee hearing. In the summarizing paragraph, they stated that, “SOME RIGHTS ARE NOT WORTH HAVING”. Who authorized them to decide which ones are worthy and which ones are not?
Maryland Motorcycle Accident and Fatality Statistics (September 1999)