FAST-TRACK LICENSING Get Legal – Get Licensed


Get Legal – Get Licensed

If you do not have a Class M license this is your opportunity to get one FAST.

At the Hagerstown MVA on Wednesday and Thursday, May 3 & 4[1]  the Motorcycle Safety Program will be conducting a FAST-TRACK Licensing event [2].  Applicants should be prepared by reading the MVA Motorcycle Operator Manual and be able to answer the Test Yourself questions and the sample knowledge test.  We will assist you through the licensing process by:

  • Answering your questions about information in the MOM;
  • Administering the knowledge test;
  • Administering the on-cycle skills test [3]; and
  • Providing coaching as required.

We call it FAST-TRACK because:

  • The learner’s permit requirement is waived;
  • The 14-day waiting period is waived;
  • You will be allowed one opportunity to retake a failed test on the same day; and
  • You could leave with a Class M license or a learner’s permit [4].

Prior to each session the Program will conduct a short rider training activity, which will include discussions on: rider responsibility, the selection and use of proper protective gear, rider perception and riding unimpaired.

Applicants who are successful will be provided with information on, and encouraged to take one of the Programs two experienced rider courses.  Applicants who are unsuccessful will be provided with information on, and encouraged to take an approved Basic Rider Course.

FAST TRACK is available only to Maryland licensed drivers over the age of 18.

[1] FAST-TRACK Licensing will be conducted during regular MVA business hours.

[2] Testing is by appointment only.  To make an appointment go to the FAST TRACK Licensing page on our website and click on the link for this event and follow the instructions.  The AM session will begin at 8:45 AM and the PM session at 12 noon.  Walk-ins will be accepted only as space permits.

[3] Applicants will be required to use their own street legal motorcycle.  Applicants are expected to transport their motorcycle to the MVA legally.  Motorcycles must meet all legal equipment requirements and pass a T-CLOCK inspection.  Applicants must wear a USDOT compliant helmet in good condition that fits properly and approved eye protection.

[4] Applicants are responsible for paying the appropriate fee for the license or learner’s permit.