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Report A Traffic Stop - CLICK HERE July 30, 2009
6:03 pm
Traffic Stop Report Form

Please complete this form and mail to

ABATE of Maryland, Inc
P. O. Box 1733
Annapolis, MD  21404


This information may be presented to State or Federal legislators, as well as police or DOT administrators. It will be used to document law enforcement activity to ensure reasonable law enforcement Provide as much information as possible, attaching additional pages if necessary.

Send completed forms to: ABATE of Maryland, Inc. P.O. Box 1733, Annapolis, MD 21404

Please Print Legibly
Were you the      Driver   Passenger    Witness     (Please circle one)  

Vehicle:Make/Model__________________________________Year ______

Date/Time of incident in this report: ______________________________________
Were you alone / in a group? (Circle One)

Full legal name: _________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________ State _______ Zip ___________

Phone: Day phone (      ) _________________________________
Evening/Cell phone (     ) _________________________________

Were you a witness to, or the subject of law enforcement activity? (Circle One)
       Witness   or   Subject

Location of stop/activity: (Provide business name, address, cross streets, City, etc. to identify location.)___________________________________________________________________________

What method did law enforcement use to stop you and/or the subject(s) of the law enforcement activity? (Road block, redlights, waved over, etc.)___________________________________________________________________________

What reason did law enforcement give for the stop (probable cause)?___________________________________________________________________________

Did the law enforcement officer properly identify him/herself to you?___________________________________________________________________________

Attach copy of his/her card, or complete the following:
Officer's name, ID number, agency (local police, task force, hwy patrol, etc.)

Did law enforcement treat you fairly & respectfully? Yes __ No __
If no, explain: _________________________________________________________________________________

Were you detained? If yes, how long? _________________________________________________________________________________

Did the law enforcement officer fill out a field interview card (F.I.C.) on you? Yes __ No __

Were you photographed? Yes __ No __ If yes, what was photographed (bike/vehicle, tattoos, etc.)

Was there video surveillance or audio recording on the scene? Yes __ No __ If yes, who was filming/recording (law enforcement, MRO, both)? ______________________________________________________________________________

Were you questioned? Yes __ No __ If yes, what questions were asked and what comments were made by law enforcement? _________________________________________________________________________________

Did you consent to any search by law enforcement? Yes __ No __ If yes, explain why. (Remember, you are not required to consent to a search for any reason.) _____________________________________________________________

Were you searched? Yes __ No __
If yes, what was searched - you, your bike/vehicle, other property?___________________________

Was any of your property confiscated? Yes __ No __
If yes, list: __________________________________________________________________________

Were you cited? Yes __ No __
If yes, please provide the following (or attach a legible copy of complaint):
Cite # ____________________________________ ARS section violated:_______________________

Date of Court appearance _____________________________________________________________

Location &Time of appearance _________________________________________________________

Please attach additional info/documentation regarding the stop that may be useful (witness statements, etc.)