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Tire Safety (Aging) Alert Information February 14, 2010
12:57 am
From the Chairman of ABATE of Maryland, Inc.
Gary “Pappy” Boward


After months of investigation it has been determined that not all tires currently sold as “new” are new.  Various tire dealers for cars, trucks, and motorcycles are not required to sell “brand new” tires.  As motorists, we need to ask questions at the point of sale prior to the mounting and balancing of our tires.

Tires are “branded” on one of the sidewalls with a DOT number. This number indicates the week and date of the manufactured date. The last four (4) numbers are the week and year the tire was made.  For example, if your tire is “branded” with the numbers 4104, this would be the 41st week of 2004.  Therefore, we need to ask for this number before making a tire purchase decision.  

I am challenging each of you to check your vehicle tires (cars, trucks, trailers, and motorcycles) to see when your tire was made.  Then send the “branded” number along with the number of tires to md.abate@rcn.com.  The results will be posted on the ABATE website in sixty (60) days.

Tire deterioration is not uncommon, neither is consumer lack of awareness and complacency.  This is why we need to be vigilant on this important safety issue.  There are no regulations on tire age but there are recommendations.  Most manufacturers recommended maximum service life is six (6) years.  Most of us will ride a tire until it is worn, not knowing the age of that tire.  NHTSA estimates 400 annual fatalities due to tire failure, including but not limited to aging, inflation, and environment.

Do not let your lack of knowledge make you a statistic.  Check your tires.  Save your life.  And always … Ride Safe – “Pappy”