Maryland Motorcycle Riders Political Action Committee (MMR-PAC)

ABATE of Maryland, Inc.
Maryland Motorcycle Riders
Political Action Committee(MMR-PAC)

What is MMR-PAC?

ABATE of Maryland, Inc., has played a continuous and active role in motorcycle related legislation in Annapolis for over 35 years. The involvement of our members covers all aspects of motorcycling. Our interests include, but are not limited to, mandatory motorcycle helmet laws, developing the original Maryland motorcycle safety program, motorcycle insurance, parking, tolls, right-of-way laws, other transportation issues as well as anything else that may have an affect on motorcycling.

Our participation continues to be successful due to the dedication and strength of our grass roots membership participation. It also establishes a formal presence in the campaign and election process. This participation influences the support of elected officials, those running for office and others that show a positive attitude towards motorcyclists and our issues.

On October 10, 2001 ABATE of Maryland, Inc. established a State Political Action Committee called Maryland Motorcycle Riders PAC (MMR-PAC) to fulfill the goal of supporting political events throughout the State. Through the viability and successful activity of the Maryland Motorcycle Riders PAC in the political process, we continue to protect the rights and safety of all motorcyclists.

The strength of our organization comes from the strength and commitment of our members.

Why Contribute to MMR-PAC?

ABATE of Maryland, Inc. is involved in all aspects of the legislative process whether it be drafting bills, lobbying for a particular outcome for a bill, or working with legislators and other public officials to administratively and/or judicially obtain a positive outcome for motorcycle-related issues in Maryland.

Members are individually active in political campaigns and elections. ABATE of Maryland, Inc. assists the efforts of members by educating legislators regarding motorcycle-related issues. However, due to constraints imposed by Maryland State law, ABATE of Maryland, Inc. is prohibited from financially participating in the campaign process and may not make campaign contributions to candidates. MMR-PAC adds the final component in being fully engaged in campaigns and elections at all levels.

MMR-PAC was created to provide financial support to State legislators who support our views and legislative goals. This is a way for Maryland Motorcyclists to educate elected officials and increase their interest level in motorcycling issues.

MMR-PAC seeks to assist our legislative supporters with campaign contributions to assure our mutual continued success in promoting the interests of Maryland motorcycle riders.

MMR-PAC has been successful in opening many new doors and solidifying existing strong relationships.

Why Should you Support the MMR-PAC? There is no more exhilarating feeling than backing a winner!

Supporting MMR-PAC makes YOU, the contributor, an active participant in the most important political process in a changing state government. Not to be ignored is the fact that the more support MMR-PAC gives to successful candidates, the more motorcyclists’ voices will be heard in the halls of the Maryland General Assembly as well as in the Executive Office.